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Dr Sarah Hadfield

I have over 20 years of clinical experience as a medical doctor, mostly in General Practice.  I am passionate about working with physical, emotional and mental health together, as a whole-person approach.

Over recent years, I have trained in the practice of mind-body medicine, understanding the vital role of psychological factors, stress and emotions in the development and treatment of physical symptoms.


Mind-Body Medicine in a nutshell...

Your mind affects your body and your body affects your mind.

This occurs through the power of your brain and nervous system. 

Your brain has one main job: to keep you safe and alive.

Any threat to your safety will create physical changes in your body designed to protect you.

In a fast-paced, demanding world, these threats are everywhere.

Your own thoughts and feelings can also make your brain feel unsafe.

Over time, these protective responses generated by your brain build up into persistent symptoms such as pain, fatigue, headaches, intestinal problems, bladder issues, anxiety and depression.

For a more detailed list of mind-body conditions, click here.

Symptoms produced by an overly-protective nervous system are very real physical symptoms, but they are not caused by a disease process in the body itself.

When these mind-body symptoms are not diagnosed correctly, and treated like a physical problem, you may experience the following:

  • You are suffering but you are told that there is nothing wrong with your body.

  • You are offered medical or surgical treatment but your symptoms do not improve as expected.

  • You develop multiple symptoms and conditions in different parts of your body.

  • You are made to feel that you are making your symptoms up or they are all in your head.

When you understand that your symptoms are arising from your nervous system,

due to a brain in high alert,

then you can focus your attention on calming the brain, which will allow the symptoms to resolve naturally. 

How can Mind-Body Healthcare help you?

Caring for the health of your mind and body together is the basis of my approach.

Together we will look in detail at your current symptoms and medical history to establish the extent to which mind-body processes are impacting on your health.

You will learn about the neuroscience behind mind-body medicine in simple terms,

helping you to make sense of your symptoms and

discover a pathway to healing.

I will help you to understand how your unique life experiences, health beliefs and inner thought processes are contributing towards hidden stress in your nervous system

and you will learn techniques to balance these effects.

Emotional health is essential for a healthy nervous system.

Becoming more aware of your emotional life and finding ways to safely express your emotions are key skills that you will develop.

Above all, my aim is to empower you with the knowledge, skills and courage you need to connect to your body's own innate ability to heal itself.


What people say...

"After over 10 years of anxiety and depression I can say that since my last session I have only had one day where anxiety was a problem. 
I am so thankful for the patience you showed and the tools you shared with me. 
I was at my lowest when we met. I can now breathe. I am human again."



Sarah Hadfield

Based in Higher Clovelly, North Devon, UK


Tel: (+44) 07593 604115

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