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Mind-body medicine is rooted in decades of scientific research evaluating psychological techniques in the diagnosis and treatment of persistent, unexplained physical symptoms.

The PPDA (Psychophysiologic Disorder Association) have compiled a comprehensive list of relevant articles and studies across multiple disciplines including medicine, psychology,  neuroscience and psychiatry.

Funding for research in the field of mind-body medicine is limited.  People can recover from chronic pain and illness through using simple psychological techniques and emotional exercises; this is great for patients with these conditions but does not offer the opportunity for large financial profits for the "healthcare business" industry.

However, over the past few years, small clinical trials directly examining the use of mind-body techniques have delivered some outstanding results, which will hopefully lead to more investment in future research.

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Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy Achieves Greater Pain Reduction than Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Older Adults with Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain: A Preliminary Randomized Comparison Trial. Yarns BC, Lumley MA, Cassidy JT et al.  Pain Medicine 2020, Nov 1;21(11):2811-2822.

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