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Information for Clients

I can work with you online or in person at my office in Higher Clovelly, Devon.

I use Zoom for online work but can use other online video platforms if you prefer.

I offer one-to-one sessions.  Sessions last for an hour and are charged at £75 per session.

Depending on your existing knowledge about mind-body medicine and your current issues, you may only need a small number of sessions.

In addition to the sessions, you will receive educational material, audio recordings of guided experiential exercises, and suggestions for how you can work through your symptoms, emotions and life experiences in between sessions.

The more time you are able to create for yourself to work through the material and practice the techniques, the more success you will have at resetting your nervous system into a more balanced state.

If you are already receiving support from a psychotherapist or are planning to do so, you can still book sessions with me at the same time.  In these circumstances, I can tailor your sessions to help you to understand your symptoms in the context of the psychological and emotional work that you are doing in therapy.

The intention of my approach is that it works alongside the usual care that you receive from your GP.  I do not offer medical diagnostic services or private prescriptions.

I am happy to discuss all of this with you in person and answer any questions that you may have.

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