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Dr Sarah Hadfield

I have over 20 years of clinical experience as a medical doctor, mostly in General Practice.  I am passionate about working with physical, emotional and mental health together, as a whole person approach.

Over recent years, I have trained in the practice of mind-body medicine, understanding the vital role of psychological factors, stress and emotions in the development and treatment of physical symptoms.

Behavioural Health

My training and qualifications

I have trained in a variety of psychological and experiential techniques over the last few years, please see details below.

I have also worked with thousands of patients as a doctor, so I have a firm grounding in knowing how to safely work with the body and how to counsel people through difficult times.  

I integrate all of this in my work at Mind-Body Healthcare.

You do not need to know or understand about any of these techniques to work with me but, where possible, I have linked the qualification to the relevant organisational websites for those who would like to know more.

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